What I wore in October

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The further into final year I get the more adult life is creeping in – it’s going be ok though because I have a ridiculous faux fur coat collection and let’s be honest, what more do you need in life?


Top and skirt: Zara, shoes: Topshop.


Coat, top, jeans: Primark. Shoes: Matalan.


Coat: vintage, top: Club Monaco, jeans: Primark, Shoes: Zara.


Coat and top: Zara, jeans: vintage, shoes: ferragamo.


Jumper: Topshop, jeans and trainers: Zara.

Verity x

I don’t even have an excuse

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Yeah, I’m terrible. The 27th of June was a ridiculously long time ago. I don’t even have an excuse, so let’s pretend this three month hiatus didn’t actually happen…

I mean ok, the last three months definitely happened: I spent a crazy two months struggling to survive in the NY heat, then moved back to Yorkshire, and then to Leicester to finish my last year at university. It’s been a whirlwind of packing suitcases and ultimately failing completely at the whole blogging thing.

It’s ok though – we all mess up occasionally and sometimes we need to just be. If I could describe my summer I’d probably sum it up with that. I spent my last two months in New York simply just being. I danced in the rain at Rockaway Beach, drank endless cocktails on rooftops and read everything I could in the shade of Central Park. I learnt that there is nothing more beautiful than watching the sun go down over the Manhattan skyline, or laughing with the most wonderful group of friends you could ask for.

I faced a roommate who went a bit crazy (it’s best not to ask) and a bedbug scare (could that BE any more New York) and I moved from the East Village to the Upper East Side to a six floor walk up with insane rooftop views. I came home to Yorkshire and truly appreciated how lucky I am to have so many people welcoming me back with open arms.

All in all, I’d say these last three months certainly existed. Sure, the internet may not have heard the tales and the in and outs, but that’s ok. Sometimes we need to just live.


Palm Springs

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Living colourfully at the Saguaro

When my friend suggested driving out to Palm Springs all I could think about was the desert. After all, being from deepest darkest Yorkshire, I’d never seen one. I expected it to be exactly like the one in Looney Tunes with the Road Runner and wasn’t disappointed: We passed an actual tumble weed and rusty abandoned car. I definitely wasn’t in the Dales anymore.

The drive through the Coachella Valley from LA takes about two hours, but this and the scary sand storm we drove through were completely worth it for what waited for us at the end.



What waited was The Saguaro Hotel, famous for its iconic colourful buildings, which offers free access to the pool on some days during the summer as it gets that hot. As you may have noticed we’re a bit obsessed with pools and pretty hotels,  so we weren’t going to miss out on this offer.

The hotel’s main pool and the tiny ones dotted around it were amazing in the heat. I’d definitely recommend making the most of the bar and pool side service! The chilled music, friendly staff, and beautiful views of the mountains from the pool made it well worth a visit.


Before we left Palm Springs we stopped by the Tourism Centre to look at their collection of vintage post cards. I may or may have spent $15 on an excessive amount of these…

Verity x

Brunch at The Beverly Hills Hotel

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Trading skyscrapers for palm trees

Music on, windows down, and mansions flying past on either side of us: We certainly weren’t in New York City anymore. In a spontaneous decision my best friend and I had decided to fly to the other coast to visit some Australian friends due to return home in a few days. I’d never been to LA before and certainly didn’t disappoint. I’m already lusting after the hills and refined sophistication.

One of our first stops of the trip was The Beverly Hills Hotel. Its banana leaf wall paper, pink stripes and rectangular pool made me feel as though I’d stepped back into a 1950’s wonderland. Cue some Lana Del Rey and I’d be staring in an episode of Mad Men.

Obviously the price ticket of booking a room here meant my dream couldn’t be quite fulfilled, but I’m happy to have settled for a brunch and a morning near the pool. With the the amount of photos I took in the few hours we were there, I may as well have stayed a week anyway!

Brunch consisted of smashed avocado and poached eggs on toast with a peach smoothy on the side. Heaven.


The palm tree lined streets of Beverly Hills felt like a different world to anywhere I’d ever been before. Is that what made it so wonderful? I’m not sure. The Beverly Hills Hotel is just special. It certainly put a smile on my face that, a week later, still hasn’t gone away.

Verity x